The rage of Texas Holdem

poker-girlsThe rage to play Texas Holdem is sweeping the entire nation.

Six months ago you could barely find a casino with a holdem table in Vegas. Now you can’t walk five feet in any direction without tripping over one. There is lots of money to be made playing holdem poker. There is also lots of money to be lost too.

Be patient and be careful. Hopes and dreams do not tell the tale. The cards speak for themselves. If you loose focus while you are playing poker, you will also loose your money. It is a game that demands concentration and patience.

Holdem poker is beginning to see more and more women playing. Do not underestimate a woman. They might more intelligent than you will ever be. You are better off playing some free Texas holdem before you put your money down at a real money table. It is easy to learn the game in a few minutes but it can take a lifetime to grasp its subtleties.

Also don’t waste your time in a game where nine out of ten players call every hand. You will learn nothing. The first rule of the game is to, “Watch Your Ass”. Chips really are money. Even in the free games play as if the money were real. One of these days it will be. When you play remember that you will live or die on the river.

If you have read the table right you will know which players will follow you all the way to the last card. Play online for the practice. It saves gas which should be a consideration if it costs you more that $3.50 to get to a casino. One of the first poker rules is to keep track of your wins and losses.

The best strategy to win at poker is patience. Plan on playing no more than three hands an hour. Some of them you will not play to completion. The best strategy in a holdem tournament is to preserve your stack. A poker tournament calls for survival early on and aggressive play at the final table.

Play free online poker as it gives you an edge having more practice than the other guy. Pick your free games carefully so that they match reality. A game can go on for hours. Do not lose focus as time drags on.

Incredible as it may seem being in good physical shape is a big plus in a game and most especially in a tournament. The best tip for the new player is to realize that your nuts are in your cards. They talk for them selves and should be telling you that testosterone will not fill a straight. A no limit game is really the only place that you can bluff successfully.

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