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My poker bankroll

poker-stackI wanted to start making new entries regularly, but I strayed away from that. I’ll see if I can get back on track.

Well, Since my last entry, I won the an online poker tournament, taking in $160. That shot my bankroll up to $870. Since then, I have blown it all away and more. I have been on such a bad losing streak. I started off by losing a whole lot at $.50/$1, then got above myself and went to $1/$2. I lost there too. I just kept losing and losing and losing.

I know we have all been there, so we all know the basics of what happened. Bad beats, tough losses, suckouts galore, never hitting a hand, and all of this eventually leads to bad play/semi-tilt. I took a break from ring tables for about a week. I really can’t remember any specifics since my losing streak began. Frankly, I don’t care to remember any of it. I never did anything amazingly stupid, but just could never win.

Well, I haven’t played that much until tonight. I sat down at a $.50/$1 table, and just like each of my recent sessions, this one went to hell. I couldn’t catch anything, kept getting sucked out on. I didn’t chase many draws, but the few I did (I think two flush draws) I never hit. My top pair would always get beat. I got AA 3 times, raised preflop three times. Two of them I just won the blinds.

The third time, I got more than enough callers, one from the SB with K3s. A 3 hit the flop, and of course this guy called my bet. A king came on the turn, and he actually never raised me, but just called to showdown. I figured I had it won, but he stunned me when he turned over K3 to take a nice sized pot. That’s just one example of all of the losses I encountered. I ended up leaving the table down $17. I played in two $3.30 MTTs, did poorly in both.

I’ve also registered in advance for the two remaining league games and the bounty game this Tuesday. So right now, I have $38 in tournaments, and my bankroll is an atrocious $702.71. I’m going to try and keep from going on tilt for the rest of tonight. Really, I’m not sure what I will do this weekend as far as poker goes.

This is my first really free weekend, so I have a lot of time for poker. But with the way I’ve been playing lately (and yes I do admit to poor playing during my losing streak) and my horrible luck, I’m not sure if I want to play a lot of poker.

On a slightly positive note, I have been devoting more and more time to some poker bonuses lately. Also I hate to admit it, but what I’ve been playing lately is Caribbean Pirate Poker, a casino game that they offer. For anyone reading that doesn’t know what this game is, it’s a game played against the house. You bet an amount, then are dealt 5 cards. You then decide whether to bet or fold.

If you bet, you have to beat the dealers 5-card hand. That’s a very rough explanation of the game. I have been betting $0.50 (the minimum). When I started playing more heavily this game, I had about $50. I currently have $80, all from Caribbean Pirate Poker. So not a bad little increase in a pretty small bankroll.

Review of a poker website

poker girlWith the mushrooming poker websites and continuous urge of poker players for more information, demand for poker site reviews has hit an all time high.

In this competitive world, poker site reviews necessarily tell you in details about the pros and cons of a certain poker room and how to face it but providing some kind of background and details in regard to that particular poker room. This particular poker site review is meant to inform you of the cool features offered by

24pokerroom is easily one of the best poker dealing websites available on the world of web. The site is a graphically enhanced one in which quality poker deals are offered for US and European citizens along side a healthy bonus. Poker deals have a healthy record and a good reputation since a long period of time for disbursing its players with the best available economic security devoid of foul play and at the same time ensuring that their expectations are fulfilled at every single level of this intriguing game.

The website is accessible in a number of languages. Various poker games like the 5 card draw, 7 card stud, Omaha poker, etc are offered to visitors of this site. A poker deal guide is placed at the left side of the site providing the users with essential poker bonus, casino bonus, poker tips and a PokerStars marketing code.

As they say poker is a game with plenty of variance and this is why many think that online poker is rigged. What variance means is that over a relatively short period of time like a few days or weeks, it is possible to have results far off from normal expectations. If the results are very good this is called running hot and normally no one will complain about it. But if a player’s results are very bad for a few sessions with many bad beats and a string of losses, then they immediately think something is wrong with the way the cards are dealt.

And they suspect there is something fishy with the poker room. As this is not a very regulated industry and there were past scandals about cheating we cannot blame the payers for their lack of trust. But given that this variance is a constant part of the game, one should expect this problem to resurface often. This is why it is important to play at the most reputable online poker rooms.

Hence a wide number of options for making payment are also exhibited below the poker deal guide. Below this are a good number of large, medium and small poker rooms allowing to choose a room of your wish and capability. Below this, is a good bunch of article that tells you the various tactics you can adopt with a view to succeed in this field. At the right side the best poker rooms are shown along side reviews on them allowing you to decide what is best suited for your style.

The rage of Texas Holdem

poker-girlsThe rage to play Texas Holdem is sweeping the entire nation.

Six months ago you could barely find a casino with a holdem table in Vegas. Now you can’t walk five feet in any direction without tripping over one. There is lots of money to be made playing holdem poker. There is also lots of money to be lost too.

Be patient and be careful. Hopes and dreams do not tell the tale. The cards speak for themselves. If you loose focus while you are playing poker, you will also loose your money. It is a game that demands concentration and patience.

Holdem poker is beginning to see more and more women playing. Do not underestimate a woman. They might more intelligent than you will ever be. You are better off playing some free Texas holdem before you put your money down at a real money table. It is easy to learn the game in a few minutes but it can take a lifetime to grasp its subtleties.

Also don’t waste your time in a game where nine out of ten players call every hand. You will learn nothing. The first rule of the game is to, “Watch Your Ass”. Chips really are money. Even in the free games play as if the money were real. One of these days it will be. When you play remember that you will live or die on the river.

If you have read the table right you will know which players will follow you all the way to the last card. Play online for the practice. It saves gas which should be a consideration if it costs you more that $3.50 to get to a casino. One of the first poker rules is to keep track of your wins and losses.

The best strategy to win at poker is patience. Plan on playing no more than three hands an hour. Some of them you will not play to completion. The best strategy in a holdem tournament is to preserve your stack. A poker tournament calls for survival early on and aggressive play at the final table.

Play free online poker as it gives you an edge having more practice than the other guy. Pick your free games carefully so that they match reality. A game can go on for hours. Do not lose focus as time drags on.

Incredible as it may seem being in good physical shape is a big plus in a game and most especially in a tournament. The best tip for the new player is to realize that your nuts are in your cards. They talk for them selves and should be telling you that testosterone will not fill a straight. A no limit game is really the only place that you can bluff successfully.