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My poker bankroll

poker-stackI wanted to start making new entries regularly, but I strayed away from that. I’ll see if I can get back on track.

Well, Since my last entry, I won the an online poker tournament, taking in $160. That shot my bankroll up to $870. Since then, I have blown it all away and more. I have been on such a bad losing streak. I started off by losing a whole lot at $.50/$1, then got above myself and went to $1/$2. I lost there too. I just kept losing and losing and losing.

I know we have all been there, so we all know the basics of what happened. Bad beats, tough losses, suckouts galore, never hitting a hand, and all of this eventually leads to bad play/semi-tilt. I took a break from ring tables for about a week. I really can’t remember any specifics since my losing streak began. Frankly, I don’t care to remember any of it. I never did anything amazingly stupid, but just could never win.

Well, I haven’t played that much until tonight. I sat down at a $.50/$1 table, and just like each of my recent sessions, this one went to hell. I couldn’t catch anything, kept getting sucked out on. I didn’t chase many draws, but the few I did (I think two flush draws) I never hit. My top pair would always get beat. I got AA 3 times, raised preflop three times. Two of them I just won the blinds.

The third time, I got more than enough callers, one from the SB with K3s. A 3 hit the flop, and of course this guy called my bet. A king came on the turn, and he actually never raised me, but just called to showdown. I figured I had it won, but he stunned me when he turned over K3 to take a nice sized pot. That’s just one example of all of the losses I encountered. I ended up leaving the table down $17. I played in two $3.30 MTTs, did poorly in both.

I’ve also registered in advance for the two remaining league games and the bounty game this Tuesday. So right now, I have $38 in tournaments, and my bankroll is an atrocious $702.71. I’m going to try and keep from going on tilt for the rest of tonight. Really, I’m not sure what I will do this weekend as far as poker goes.

This is my first really free weekend, so I have a lot of time for poker. But with the way I’ve been playing lately (and yes I do admit to poor playing during my losing streak) and my horrible luck, I’m not sure if I want to play a lot of poker.

On a slightly positive note, I have been devoting more and more time to some poker bonuses lately. Also I hate to admit it, but what I’ve been playing lately is Caribbean Pirate Poker, a casino game that they offer. For anyone reading that doesn’t know what this game is, it’s a game played against the house. You bet an amount, then are dealt 5 cards. You then decide whether to bet or fold.

If you bet, you have to beat the dealers 5-card hand. That’s a very rough explanation of the game. I have been betting $0.50 (the minimum). When I started playing more heavily this game, I had about $50. I currently have $80, all from Caribbean Pirate Poker. So not a bad little increase in a pretty small bankroll.